QualifiedFor.com – Workforce Qualification Management just got a whole lot easier!

With workforce Qualifications, Training and compliance becoming an ever-hotter topic, Jon Hunt talks about the new SWS’s Qualification Management Software, the reception from the Utilities industry, and how it is helping to drive better skills management in a sector where workforce training is paramount.

Ensuring your staff have the proper qualifications is becoming ever more important in a safety, quality, and compliance driven business environment. And, while it makes sense for many businesses when they are small or starting out, to manage staff qualifications in a spreadsheet, as they grow, this crucial management process can quickly become overwhelming.

Given the consequences for workforce not having the correct training for the tasks they undertake, with the machinery or tools they undertake those tasks with, relying on spreadsheets is enough to bring your compliance officer out in a cold sweat!

This is why Qualified for was conceived, to turn organisations old spreadsheet-based skills and training matrix from an out of date, error prone chore, to a highly flexible, reportable and secure Qualification and Skills management system, in the cloud, that provides instant highly flexible reporting, and mobile proof of skills.

QualifiedFor.com allows you to record your people and the qualifications quickly and easily with a scan of any certificates. You can easily and flexibly tag your personnel with the Divisions, Departments, Locations and even the Contracts or Customers they work with.

This allows Q4’s super powerful reporting to produce Skills and Training Matrix reports tailored to precisely the information you or your stakeholders need to see in moments.

And with data privacy being ever more important, QualifiedFor.com can also offer built in segregation of your workforce personal qualifications data to ensure only those who need to access workforce qualification data, can access it.

QualifiedFor.com qualification QR Codes means that your Workforce can produce their Qualifications on-site, on demand, without carrying a folder full of paper certificates with them.

With life returning to a “new normal” after the pandemic, it seems some coronavirus safety measures could be with us for a while yet, and reducing transmission risk and proving workforce Covid test statuses on site is just another great reason to switch to QualifiedFor.com

This is just one of many reasons your organisation shouldn’t be using a “spreadsheet and hope” approach for qualifications management, and should be using QualifiedFor.com

Cappagh Group of Companies, one of the UK market leaders in Civils and Reinstatement services to the Utilities sector, have implemented QualifiedFor.com as their Workforce Training, Qualifications & Certificate Management system.

QualifiedFor is managing all Cappagh’s 500+ staff training course and qualification records, providing up to the minute visibility of workforce training and qualification statuses, through a suite of Qualifications and Training Management functions.

Features such as real-time alerting of upcoming certificate expiry, powerful and flexible and reporting, and on-site qualifications audit capability via a personal QR code, make Cappagh’s qualification management cutting edge.

QualifiedFor worked closely with Cappagh to validate existing Qualifications and Training data, from their legacy system, and migrate that data seamlessly into QualifiedFor.com.

QualifiedFor.com APIs provide Cappagh with the ability to integrate Qualifications, data into other Cappagh Information Systems in the future.

Group Safety Director James Laramy said “Q4 has already made a significant impact, my team are already feeling the benefits from this innovative system, the support received during transition was first class”

As skills and training compliance becomes ever more critical to businesses, being able to provide proof of workforce skills to Customers, Insurers, Auditors, and other stakeholders is ever more important.

Don’t risk trying to run your vital training and qualification management in a spreadsheet.

For more information, please contact us HERE.

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