SWIMS Project Management

Street works management for the Utilities industry

Your company is unique, and your works management software should be unique too.

With SWIMS modules, you are in control of your workflow. Choose from our growing number of modules to create a solution that works for your business.

SwIMS Software

Customise your workflow

SWIMS provides sophisticated and relevant utility aligned workflow patterns that you can upload and customise

Identification as to who is to complete what task is clarified because tasks are assigned in the program.

Permission levels maintain and increase security.

Web forms make it easier to capture and manage data.

Real-time control allows employees to see what is happening while it’s happening, which improves communication.

SWIMS mobile provides field gangs with their workflow and delivers real-time updates of job data between the on-site gangs, supervisors, managers and the SWIMS core system.

Smarter Tracking On The Go

The simple to use mobile application module allows for on-site updates with geolocation data and photographic recording of the site throughout the entire reinstatement process. Available on Android and iOS.

SwIMS Works Management Software
Works Management Real Time Updates

Improve productivity with real-time updates

Keeping jobs on track with so many moving parts used to be a nightmare, until SWIMS came along.

SWIMS provides real-time updates on-site and at the office, allowing for fast and reliable communication.

When combined with SWIMS intuitive materials tracking and smart automations, gangs can get the job right the first time.

Businesses using SWIMS have seen a 130% increase in gangs’ productivity after implementing SWIMS as their works management software.

Reduce fines with location data

With the increase in fines over the past few years and new lane rental schemes taking effect, the costs of reinstatements are growing.

By intelligently monitoring the materials needed for each road and with geolocation data and photographic evidence being recorded through SWIMS mobile app we’ve seen fines reduced by up to 98.57%

Reduce Fines With Geolocation Data
Information Hub

Create one information hub for all Users

Keeping multiple copies of documents and information leads to confusion. SWIMS provides a singular hub of real-time information for everyone.

Keeping information safe is simple with SWIMS. Simply assign a user type which will give access to only the information that user needs.

The security of your data across multiple contracts, is assured with multi layered secure access according to an individual’s role, built in to the environment.

Report & analyse with ease

Reporting is easy with SWIMS reporting tools and dashboard. From tracking work in progress, checking productivity and compliance of operatives to identifying risk and viewing industry trends. Providing accurate, effective cost to value reporting and management that is so vital in the utilities sector


Utilities Companies Love SWIMS

We now have very effective management of streetworks processes, that has led to a real reduction in permit charges and fines. This works through more efficient up-front management as well as post job audit trails to challenge fines levied unfairly

SWS enabled us to mitigate punitive streetworks fines and was a key tool that underpinned our performance in this respect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Effective, Efficient, Compliant and Quality Assured Operations will be easily achieved with SWIMS. Our system facilitates planning, scheduling, job management, reporting, upload of images, and access to all related data within controlled permissions and secure hosting facilities. SWIMs will improve performance and productivity, quality and compliance, reduce costs and liabilities, data quality and integrity and more.

SwIMS is a cloud based software. It works with any browser you prefer to work with, Chrome, Safari & others.

We also have SwIMS mobile available for Android.

The app currently can only be downloaded by a link provided by us

There is a helpline and within SwIMS there is also a support button which you can use to contact our Technical Support team. You can also send an email to support@streetworkssoftware.com

We offer comprehensive training. While implementing we are onsite support and training, once up and running we provide further specialized telephone support for a while before handing over to our Technical Support team.

There are no limits to how many users can use SwIMS

There are no limits to how many images or jobs that can be on SwIMS

We can import schedule of rates to record against, we also build up information from time spent on site, travel time, reinstatement sizes and materials,

You can dictate the enabling requirements for each job, these can then be used to record when applications are made and payments are submitted.

There are multiple imports, these can be tailored to suit any requirements.

There are multiple reports which can be exported to Excel, these cover open jobs, gang task completion, liability reports.

The app continues to work without data signal. Photos can still be taken and jobs updated. Once in an area with reception the outstanding data will transfer to the system.

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