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Take control of your team qualifications and skills

QualifiedFor is a cloud-based platform for tracking team members qualifications and alerting you when they need renewal or are about to expire or lapse

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Qualified For Skills Management

Quickly see who's qualified for a role

With QualifiedFor, keeping track of who is eligible for a particular role is simple, and with proof of each qualification stored in the cloud, assessing which staff are qualified for a job takes seconds.

Stay up to date with alerts

Ensure your team’s skills stay compliant with QualifiedFor.com alerts.

Set start, expiry and renewal periods with email alerts to notify when expiry is coming.

Store certificates

Store proof of your qualifications

Store scans of your team’s certificates securely in the cloud and access them at any time, anywhere through the QualifiedFor Android and iOS mobile app.
Your personnel are never without evidence of their qualifications and certification.

Simplify your auditing and reporting

QualifiedFor provides flexible tagging of people and qualifications based on department, contract, geographic location, or any other defined tag, giving you easy reporting and analysis of your teams qualifications.

Qualified For Reports

"QualifiedFor has brought order to our Skills and Qualification management. The certificates we previously managed in a collection of spreadsheets, is now up to date, shareable, secure and actively warns us of certification issues rather than finding out at the next review."

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