Corona Project Management

One tool for all your works management needs

CORONA is an award-winning workflow management software used by the construction, highways, utilities, facilities maintenance and logistics industries.

It’s the central repository for all your workflow management requirements from contract to completion.

Corona Work Flow Management Software

See The Big Picture

CORONA is the single source of information needed throughout the entire process. Removing the need for duplication and risk of misinformation.

Customise Your Workflow

SWS software is module-based, giving you control over how your workflow will work for you.

Corona Workflow Management Software
Assets and Inventory

Manage your assets and inventory

With CORONA’s Asset Manager you have clear oversight of your inventory at a glance. Easily see the stock you have available and assign it to jobs without leaving the CORONA software.

Keep Customers Happy With CORONA’s Help Desk

We all know that a job’s not complete until the reports are in and the customer is happy. CORONA’s help desk manager improves your customer service while reducing risk.

Help desk manager is a call management solution providing automatic recording, prioritising, escalating and assigning, minimising manual intervention and helping your customers feel looked after.

Corona Helpdesk

WMS Software Solution

CORONA uses Oracle technology as the lynchpin of our WMS solution, SWS has partnered with Oracle as a strategic technology partner for 20+ years.

We view the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the platform of choice for cloud delivery of our next generation of Oracle-based applications.

Flexibility Is Key

CORONA has been created with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Our modules allow for full workflow management in a single piece of software.

Asset Manager

A full asset inventory with comprehensive analysis and history tools, applying business process and decision-making framework to asset administration. 

Contract Manager

A full lifecycle contract management system, ensuring all team members deliver their objectives on time and within budget.

Costing Manager

A cost interrogation system that improves the accuracy and efficiency of sales, purchasing and contract performance monitoring.

Helpdesk Manager

A fully compliant call management solution that enables the provision of a positive experience for clients suffering from potentially damaging disruption.

PPM Manager

A maintenance manager containing a range of tools to ensure all projects can be collectively managed to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Repair Manager

A functionality that resolves any faults or problems quickly, to the highest standard.

Automated issue escalation immediately highlights concerns.

Resource Manager

A highly visible, real-time decision-making resource manager that enables accurate and effective resource allocation

Safety Manager

Safety Manager enables optimal employee protection through its risk assessment analyser- recording all accidents and incidents centrally.

Stock Manager

Stock Manager is a stock allocation tool that improves resource assignment and provides clear oversight of your assets.

Technical Features

CORONA can be incorporated into your existing IT systems, providing the agility to meet business demands, as they arise.

Work Manager

Operating on a centralised data system, Work Manager enables the managing of all tasks; tracking progress, capturing time and expense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CORONA has been designed and created to be the central repository for all work, from design and planning to completion and commercial closure. It’s modules allow full control over the amount of information stored against each order and user defined access levels ensure that restricted information remains protected

CORONA has been designed to be simple to use – an internet connection and browser supporting java are all that is needed. For our mobile solution a mobile phone running at least Android 6 is needed.

Using modern technology, CORONA stores all information in an Oracle database. Every piece of information stored can be used to bring back search results.

Currently, our customers all have a management layer that locks down certain elements and prevents app store access. To keep in line with their IT policies we provide an APK to the IT department and they install remotely on to each user device.  

Each customer has a dedicated phone number and email address that connects straight with the system experts that look after CORONA

Robust training is provided to match each customer requirements – ranging from classroom environments through to on site with mobile workers. Our knowledgeable team are always available for advice / guidance or further training no matter how long the system has been in use.

We ensure the system will cope with as many users as needed, and often increase the numbers requiring access as more of CORONA is utilised

As part of the specifying stage we’ll determine an approximate number of photographs expected, but we’re constantly monitoring space and will make sure there’s no chance of running out! CORONA will allow as many photographs and jobs (and anything else needed!) as the client requires.

CORONA has been running at 0% unplanned downtime for the last 9 years. We plan maintenance monthly with all customers that takes around 45minutes.

CORONA allows full PO and schedule of rate codes to be stored, where work is captured electronically it is compared to the PO and automatically warns of variations to the order. Employees, materials, vehicles and plant can all be automatically allocated to jobs or assets, giving an accurate cost for each job. When jobs are claimed, CORONA tracks from application to notification of payment and automatically informs when the claimed amount varies from the value being paid.

Part of the Streetworks module of CORONA is dedicated to Traffic Management booking. Rates can be stored against each item, and Borough payment details can be read from the NSG data – allowing invoices / PO to be booked accurately and further indicating full job costs.

The CORONA Vehicle Module allows every vehicle and piece of plant to be stored along with things like ownership type, cost and service regularity. When it’s issued to a person / gang / job not only is it easy to track where everything is, but the costs are also automatically allocated. The CORONA Stock Module captures the cost, preferred supplier, lead time, minimum / maximum stock levels, position in stores and other useful details to allow accurate recording and reporting. Automatic stock alerts are sent when the quantity in stock is less than the forecasted requirements, allowing ordering only when the item is needed – reducing the standing stock levels (and value) and chances of being left with surplus material at the end of the job. One CORONA customer reduced their standing stock levels from £2.5million to £0.7million over the course of eighteen months – without the stock module they would have continued ordering for every job and forecasted a standing stock of £3.5million by the end of the contract.

Yes – we can incorporate all your legacy data in to CORONA. We need to first confirm what the data is and where it needs to be. CORONA can be the single place for all your jobs – irrespective of age or status.

Any piece of information stored in CORONA can be displayed and / or extracted, our team will work with you to identify what is required and build the view / extract for you.

The CORONA mobile solution will work offline without impacting usability. Once signal is restored all data held is automatically transmitted with no manual input or docking required.               

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