Lockdown Capabilities

by Jim Butler

One of our clients’, is a joint venture contractor working for a water utility providing water and sewerage network repairs and maintenance.  They recently discussed with us how they were able to react rapidly and efficiently to continue to provide their services and reports effectively to their utility customer and their regulator within the COVID-19 Government advisory regime.

They have implemented new methods to ensure they protect their field and office- based staff and provide safe working practices, while still being able to serve their customers at this difficult time.


  • To significantly reduce any risk of exposure to the virus their operatives have begun “social distancing” maintaining at least a 2-meter space between individuals.
  • This means that they will knock and step back from the door when speaking to customers to keep a safe distance.
  • Due to the nature of their work they already have strict hygiene regimes in place. Sewer and waste-water work is a challenging environment.
  • Now, however, additional precautions such as using alcohol wipes to clean surfaces and using a new pair of gloves for each activity have been introduced.
  • Previously office-based staff have all been redeployed to be “home-based”, with continued adherence to the strict service levels of their contract.


CORONA software helps and supports these working practices by fully enabling workflow management and control, through automating planning and scheduling processes whilst streamlining essential data and cascading work from a desktop dashboard to mobile devices. This eliminates the need for anyone to physically send or receive any paperwork within the business.


Using the CORONA mobile audit toolset, our customer has been able to introduce, over the air, additional workflow and audit questions and responses relevant to the COVID-19 best working practice guidelines laid down for the sector. Their gangs have been able to introduce these new working practices without any of their mobile workforce needing to return to base. This has helped to ensure that their staff and members of the public are kept safe, all responses are recorded in real time in the CORONA back office database. Where risks have been identified this immediately triggers messages to key safety managers and requires corrective actions to be implemented and then recorded against each breach of safety protocol.


Our modules allow for full workflow management in a single piece of software. CORONA uses Oracle technology as the lynchpin of our WMS solution, SWS has partnered with Oracle as a strategic technology partner for 20+ years.

For more information on our products and how we can support your organisation, please contact us at sales@sws-group.co.uk


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