COVID 19 & SWS Group Ltd

by Jim Butler

The COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is creating unprecedented and mounting challenges for UK businesses, households and organisations seeking to maintain our vital public services. SWS Group are a leading builder and supplier of utility works management software that supports our clients in their repair, maintenance and installation activities for the UK’s critical utility infrastructure.

SWS Group are helping to ensure that water, gas and electricity supplies remain safe and available, whilst the health and safety of staff, contractors, partners, end customers and the general public is secured.  We are committing that the services we provide are uninterrupted and our development activities and supply relationships continue as normal.


During this period as we all meet the challenges of COVID 19, the availability and reliability of critical utility infrastructure support services has never been more important.

We are in daily conversation with our clients that deliver these vital services and we currently anticipate no material impact to our day to day ability to continue to support and develop our software to enable this vital work to continue effectively.

Smart working

Our staff are now working from their own homes as we abide by government instructions

These changes do affect the way we work as a business, but with digital tools at our disposal, we expect no impact on our quality of delivery or availability of our people overall.

Safe working environment

Maintaining safe working environments – regardless of outside impacts or interruptions during this period – is as important as ever. Our software ensures that complying with health and safety excellence standards remains at the centre of our clients’ operations.

Further advice and guidance

UK Government advice and information from our clients is guiding the decisions we make.

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.

Official information and advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available via:

World Health Organisation (WHO)

UK Government (Coronavirus response)

NHS 111

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