SwIMS – Building the future of Works Management Software

At Streetworks Software Limited we are very proud of SwIMS, our leading Utility Works Management Software (UWMS). SwIMS has naturally evolved over the years it has been in use and whilst SwIMS continued to perform well, it was clear to us that it was time to enhance SwIMS, to deliver a more modern tool with better usability and increased overall system performance. A review was held; internally across all our functions and with our clients, to determine the key requirements for SwIMS going forward. The decision was taken to re-design and restructure SwIMS and to plan the process accordingly.

In re-designing SwIMS, the team at Streetworks Software undertook a thorough review of all system areas and tackled those which were becoming outdated as well as improving access and usability across all SwIMS tool and functions. As a result of this we started from a completely new framework to rebuild our works management software from the ground up.

Throughout the re-development, maintaining continuity of service, support and configuration needs for existing users has been vital. So, even though the new SwIMS works management software represents a rebuilt system, the biggest overall change from a user’s perspective is a different user interface appearance. What worked well has stayed, so for example, key processes have not changed significantly in respect of works management, other than where we have improved performance and usability. This has proved to be reassuring to our client base as it means that once familiar with how the new SwIMS user interface works, existing users have adapted rapidly and are quickly up to speed with the new environment, continuing to use their familiar set of SwIMS functions.

An important aspect of the re-design, was to make it easier to understand SwIMS, this is important in making the tool intuitive for existing users and speeding-up the process of bringing on new users rapidly. To enable this requirement, we have defined the system as a toolkit with four key tools – Planning, Scheduling, Job Management and Reporting. We have also integrated an extensive suite of associated functions across these key tools. Some of the changes within SwIMS are designed to match and align with key responsibilities in respect of work roles and works management software current best practice.

Another key element of the development process was the SwIMS Mobile App. The App has been enhanced and delivers real time updates of job data between teams on site, managers, supervisors and the SwIMS Core system. The ability for on-site gangs to receive their jobs straight to their mobile device to manage forms, drive tasks, record notes and then have these automatically update office systems is critical to an integrated, real-time works management system process. The App also delivers photograph capability with full GPS locations uploaded, aligned to the job information, straight in to the core environment.

The SwIMS Mobile App significantly improves information transfer between field based teams and the scheduling personnel and also enhances the accessibility and usability of job data. It ensures structured data capture and response processes which improve the quality and timeliness of critical information for rapid decision support.

During the roll-out of the new SwIMS, comprehensive training and support was provided on designated sites by the team from Streetworks Software, including training workshops for key users, floor walking and on line ‘How to’ user videos. The new SwIMS delivers even better security, substantial performance increases and an updated underlying framework that is in-line with industry best practices.

SwIMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and provides a scalable environment, enabling costs to be managed as workloads fluctuate. SwIMS can be configured to support organisations from those with just a few key personnel and teams to multiple thousands of people, roles and teams, with a wide variety of configurations available depending on contracts and work streams managed.

As a result of our efforts, our existing and new clients benefit from a modern, secure, powerful, intuitive and industry leading utilities focused works management system. Please contact us at sales@streetworkssoftware.com if you would like to know more.

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