Streetworks announce Panasonic Partnership

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by Jim Butler

Streetworks Software Ltd recently announced a  parternship with Panasonic to become a Toughbook Engage Panasonic Partner.

Panasonic are in our view the best-known providers of ruggedised hardware devices, their “Toughbook” range of laptops, tablets and PDAs are famed throughout the industry. The combination of our SwIMS application environment along with the ability to deploy Panasonic devices across the enterprise adds new resilient solutions to our clients.

Panasonic devices are designed for every sector, whatever the challenges, whatever the working conditions, Streetworks Software know that there will be a Toughbook/Toughpad device suitable for our clients in the utilities environment. The products range from the ultra-durability of Panasonic’s fully ruggedised Toughbook and Toughpad devices through to the Toughpad 4K devices, that are particularly stylish. All the Panasonic models are designed to meet the most demanding situations and include the latest technologies. Panasonic’s Toughbook/Toughpad range is capable of withstanding the conditions our clients operate in and can help our clients to go further, achieve more in harsh environments and transform the way our clients work.

As well as being resistant to the conditions that would normally be difficult for advanced technology devices, Panasonic’s Toughbooks and Toughpads offer daylight visible screens, excellent graphics and long battery life. The fully rugged Toughbook models can meet almost every challenge that business can throw at them, we believe that they are particularly suited to our utility clients. SwIMS enabled devices can deliver and ensure that mobile workers can access volumes of data and deliver information in real time wherever they are, increasing their efficiency and productivity, delivering up to the second information in a secure resilient packaged solution.

We believe that makes a great partnership for where our SwIMS environment is used “in the field” by gangs/supervisors or managers “on-site” in temporary locations, working in often dirty, dusty or damp, harsh conditions for the devices that we all rely on to get our work done and recorded. SwIMS our powerful and innovative Utility Works Management Software, is the intelligent choice for utility companies, main contractors and sub-contractors seeking a comprehensive works management system.

With the ability to supply the Panasonic range of devices along with our SwIMS Software we can support our clients by providing all the tools they need to implement our environment. Thanks to this new partnership, we are now able to expand the services we provide by working in close partnership with our clients, new and existing to deliver a combined “harsh environment ready” hardware and software capability from a single source. The combination of Panasonic Hardware and SwIMS SaaS Software will provide an exceptionally resilient infrastructure for engaging in Utility Works Management activities.

One of our major goals as a business is to delight all our clients by providing the very best services. Streetworks Software believe that this partnership with Panasonic will help us further enhance and enrich our current business offerings, particularly for organisations that need highly resilient technology.

At Streetworks Software we are continually innovating to ensure our clients maintain their competitive edge. Streetworks Software are also in the process of working with other partners as well as our own resources to develop innovative and practical combined services to the sector in the future. With the continuing pressures to deliver better, more efficient services whilst managing costs and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, partnerships that deliver creative and practical solutions for the sector are even more vital now than in the past.

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