Protecting your business and staff with QualifiedFor

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by Jim Butler

Here at SWS, our tools support a sector that rightly demands high levels of, compliance, health and safety, quality and productivity.

, our newly launched smart qualification & skills management tool delivers the assurance that your staff have the proper qualifications and meet current training standards. These aspects of the modern workplace are becoming ever more important in a safety, quality and compliance driven business environment. The tool tracks your staffs’ qualifications, training and certificates, alerting you when skills standards and qualifications are coming up for expiry, have expired, or require renewal.

To support the business and its employees in delivering and managing their qualifications and skills, it’s simple and secure to access the system, manage any potential discrepancy in skills or qualification requirements and create steps to ensure continuous validation going forwards.

The tool delivers tighter management of training requirements and training schedules, it centrally manages, tracks and reports on employees’ learning activities.

A critical element in heavily regulated industries/activities is to ensure that all employees receive and complete the required training, both for the efficient execution of their role and to ensure compliance and certification requirements required by the regulating authorities.

QualifiedFor allows an organisation to manage course compliance based on job titles, functions and individual employee’s needs.

The increased demands for skills and qualifications in modern organisation has resulted in it being harder to track, follow-up, and verify skills and training, especially if the business has multiple locations, working different shifts.

Traditional paper-based systems result in masses of de-centralised paperwork mountains, creating delays and/or incomplete training task management and reporting. With QualifiedFor, managers can be confident that information is accurate, up to date and that considerably less time and resources will be spent on tracking skills and training, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their role.

I’ll finish this short article with a quote from one of our users.

“QualifiedFor has brought order to our skills and qualification management. The certificates we previously managed in a collection of spreadsheets, are now up to date, shareable, secure and QualifiedFor actively warns us of certification issues rather than finding out at the next review.”

It’s SaaS software, free to start, and is available right now – go to.

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